Are They Out There?

With Halloween right around the corner, we figured we would spend some time treating your frights and fears to a ghoulish article on Aliens. (Cue the ghostly “boo” noise).

While we here at Winter’s mostly believe the Satellite dishes we install are for picking up television frequencies only, there are some who think otherwise.  The search for the extra terrestrial has been around for quite some time, and with our every increasing technological advances, the idea becomes more appealing to those who are looking for contact.

Take a look at how even social media played its part recently with Tweets In Space , where both Scott Kildall and Nathaniel Stern beamed approximately 1,800 of tweets 22 light years away as an art project they had been working on for  the International Symposium on Electronic Art. While they did deem the project as just an art adventure, there were those who took it seriously, and participated in the event last September tweeting some serious alien content.  To read more on this particular event, click here.

We also see an increase in televised shows about UFO’s and Abductions on channels like National Geographic and the History Channel. We’re not convinced on the subject, but can understand the entertainment value (hence our blogging on the subject for getting into the Halloween spirit!).  Other than that we like to think that our at home Direct TV dishes, will only help us watch shows about aliens this Halloween,  not communicate with them.


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