Satellite Sepetmber

Happy September, everyone!

Although January 1st is the mark of a New Year, for many families “back-to-school” also represents a new chapter in their lives.  It’s a time to get organized, make sure the kids have all their school supplies, and begin another school year with a clean slate.  With this it is also a great time to reflect on past years, and how to improve the functionality of the household, and overall quality of life.

With that, here at Winters Solutions we have been doing some reflecting on our past year, not only what has been successful, but more importantly- what our clients seek to improve their lives.   Looking back at September 2011, we spent a good amount time installing Satellite Dishes for families across New Jersey.  Perhaps it has something to do with Football season, or maybe all the Fall season premiers happening… but perhaps as the cool weather sets in, and more families spend time indoors, having organized structure indoors is also important.  Making sure after all the hard work gets done, there is still leisure time to enjoy.


When deciding to pursue a Satellite installation, remember this: Winters Solutions can do it speedily, and efficiently and will always provide the best customer service.  Being a family owned and operated business, we know how important it is to start a new year off right, and want to work around your schedule.

We still are offering our Summer Special discount, inquire with us today at (732)221-1679





Pictures from Sept.2011

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