The Future Is Now! Media, Connectivity, and Home Automation Right from your Living Room…

So, you’re interested in keeping up with the hottest media, knowing all the latest stars, relaxing in style, and keeping a penny or two for those annoying bills? Well, for starters, stay home from the movies!

Today, a home theatre can deliver a media experience far superior to that at the movies. The fact is, combining a simple flatscreen HDTV with a standard surround sound stereo system, a TV everywhere box such as Apple TV or Roku, a game system, and a computer can open a world of possibilities you may not even know exists right now.

By connecting all of these devices to a main screen in the living room, it’s easy to put yourself at the very center of a vast treasure chest of free and low cost media that originates from a HUGE variety of sources, plays when, where, and how you want it.

The average cost of a movie ticket is now hovering around $8, and goes MUCH higher if you live in any sort of populated area. With candy, popcorn, soda, driving and gas, it is easy for a family of 4 to spend $90 and over an hour waiting in traffic, ticket lines, and the theatre just on going to one movie! That means that for this family of four, going to the movies 10 times during the year (less than once per month) can easily cost $900 if not more.

Winters Solutions can easily consult with you to determine which components, and configurations can make your home theatre the center of your media world. Configurations (including the cost of all those shiny new electronics) can start as low as the price of movies in the theatre for 1 year! In return for that investment, it is possible to direct media from multiple sources to one screen that is comfortable, cheap, provides an amazing sound and video experience, and most importantly, is yours for years to come.

Home Theater Installations in NJ by Winters Solutions

Call Winters Solutions today to schedule your free consultation. Ask about incorporating computing components into your system, as well as home automation and be prepared for the ultimate experience: Controlling your whole house from your media center!

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