Video Surveillance and Insurance

So, you want to add a surveillance system to your house or apartment in order to protect your family and valuables, but you don’t want to spend a lot of money?

Did you know that most homeowner’s and renter’s insurance will offer you a discount on your monthly premium if you have a surveillance system? You can actually then deduct the amount of discount you receive from your insurance from the total cost of the actual system!

A couple things to keep in mind however:

  1. In order to receive the discount from an insurance premium, usually you need to install a system that is linked to a central command base. This means that your system will interface with law enforcement or emergency services. As such, they reduce the risk of loss of property, and therefore reduce your premiums


  1. Another way to secure a discount on insurance premiums is to install a system that responds to an intruder with a pre-recorded or computer generated voice. Intruders have been proven to respond more to a voice telling them they are breaking the law, and being recorded rather than just an alarm noise or automatic light. Due to this, insurance companies will offer a discount to those with such a system.


Talk with Winters’ Solutions in order to determine the details and explore ways in which your security system can be paid for by using it to reduce other costs like insurance premiums.

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