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Computer Repair and Networking – Tri-State Area NJ, NY, PA

Computer Repair and Networking | Data Recovery New Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania |

Thank you for visiting Winters Solutions, your one-stop computer service provider. Our highly trained technicians will provide some of the following services at your home or office:

• On-Site PC Repair Upgrades

• Training

• Data Recovery

• Backup’s

• Virus Removal Installations

• Security

• Networking

• Cabling

• Wireless

• Share Your High Speed Internet Access

• Remote PC Repair Support

• Custom Built Computers

With over 100 Servers built – we have the experience! 
Your server is the brain of your company’s network. It is responsible for controlling user access, data sharing, network security, file backup and much more. If your server is not set up correctly, it can cause a wide range of problems that are costly to remedy. It takes special skills and expertise to manage business servers. So, make sure to hire the most competent IT Company for such a critical job. We support Windows Server/Small Business Server 2008, 2003, Exchange Server, SQL Server, and a variety of Linux and UNIX.

We support all makes and models of PC brands and most Apple products.  Our core networking competencies include: server installations, network administration, infrastructure redesigns, equipment procurement, disaster recovery solutions, project management, remote support and proven vendor solutions.

We specialize in supporting your desktop and laptop needs 
Every business relies on the all the computers on the network have an important role in your company. We can make sure that all your computers are current with the latest updates and virus protection. We can make adjustments and fine tune your computers for optimal performance. Need to upgrade your hard drive, add memory and configure it for 2 of more monitors to improve productivity? No problem

Over 5 years of networking experience 
We know what it takes to make your computers talk to each other and the internet safely and securely. We specialize in making your network simple enough to work reliably without the need for a full time computer engineer. We believe that your computers should enhance your business!

Secure Virtual Private Networks 
We can setup a VPN so that your nizagara multiple locations can talk via the internet just like they do when they are in the same location. We can setup solutions so your employees can access the office from home. No matter what you need to do, you decide who and when access to the network is granted.

We specialize in cleaning the hard to kill viruses that slip past your anti-virus software 
If you think your computer has a virus, it probably does. Does your computer have one of the following problems? Slow performance, Internet Explorer errors or lockups, Excessive “pop-up” advertisements, Home page has changed, Email or Internet access a lot slower… etc? Then it’s possible that your computer is infected with a virus or you got invaded with spyware and adware. If you are infected you need immediate repair to remove the virus and/or spyware, adware from your computer and ensure both the privacy of your files and that the virus does not infect other computers. We are seeing more and more key logging viruses in recent months – this is the type of virus that sits (somewhat) quietly on your computer and collects your data and passwords and sends it to another site so that someone else can enjoy prednisone your bank account.

We specialize in recovering lost data from a crashed hard drive
. We cannot stress enough the importance of backing up your data. That said, there are times prednisone when lightning strikes and a hard drive fails. Many times we can recover the data from crashes and accidental erasure. If you think your hard drive is failing or has crashed, DO NOT ATTEMPT TO BOOT THE DRIVE. Stop immediately and consult a professional. We take an image of the drive so as to preserve the maximum amount of data BEFORE we do anything with the drive. In the case of a major failure – it may require extensive efforts and we will advise you of your options and the cost. Many times we can recover your precious photos and data from a crashed hard drive for $100 – $200.

Access the customer’s needs 
Identify risks and exposure
Develop a disaster recovery strategy
Configure a backup solution
Go over the recovery method BEFORE it is needed

Just give us a call. We would love to work with you.

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